Getting Started with Datedropper JavaScript

Datedropper Javascript is a highly customizable datepicker library plugin designed for easy integration and a stunning design. To begin, follow these steps:


Start by installing Datedropper on your website. Download the Datedropper source file for direct HTML integration.

Add datedropper-javascript.js to the <head> of your pages where you plan to use Datedropper. Here's an example:

... <!-- datedropper --> <script src="datedropper-javascript.js"></script> </head>


Once installation is complete, initialize Datedropper on the elements that will trigger the datepicker. Typically, Datedropper is initialized on input fields, but you can use any selector, such as buttons or links.

Here's an example of how to define the datepicker element for initialization:

<input type="date">

<!-- datedropper init -->
new dateDropper({
  selector: 'input[type="date"]'

Remember to initialize Datedropper after the element is already on the page or when the page is fully loaded for optimal performance.

Start enhancing your date selection experience with Datedropper today!