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Add to calendar

Add to calendar is a javascript library built to create an "add to calendar" button for web applications and mobile apps.

Add to calendar

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How to create an add to calendar button

Use this plugin to create an “Add to Calendar” button to your website

With "add to calendar" button you increase the likelihood that your users will add your event to their calendars by reducing the time and effort required to do so.

  • Here how you can just create a simple "Add to calendar" button.

    <button class="atc-button" data-atc-styled="true" data-atc-start="2021/03/15 08:00 AM" data-atc-end="2021/03/15 10:00 AM" data-atc-title="Title of the event" data-atc-description="Description of the event" data-atc-location="Location of the event">Save the date</button>
add to calendar button

Easily integrate it with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook and Yahoo Calendar

A really simple and easy-to-use javascript plugin.

If you have an event, a sale promotion, or a coming soon page that has a countdown timer, you should create an “Add to Calendar” button to help users add your event to their calendar via the .ics file or by just redirecting them to the calendar page such as Outlook, Google calendar, or Yahoo Calendar. Thanks to that, readers can remember or create reminders to join your event.

Lot of options for your add to calendar button

A simple all-in-one javascript "add to calendar" plugin built for any need.

The “Add to Calendar” button for events on websites and calendars is easy to install, language independent, time zone and DST compatible. It works perfectly in all modern browsers, tablets and mobile devices, and with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, and Yahoo Calendar.

add to calendar button
  • add to calendar button easy to use

    The lightest add-to-calendar plugin

    All features and style in one single file. The perfect all-in-one solution to guarantee the best network loading performance.

  • add to calendar button responsive

    Add-to-calendar button plugin for mobile devices

    Add to calendar has been designed to fit on any screen and for any resolution.

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