datedropper Javascript

datedropper JS is a Pure Javascript user-friendly interface element that allows users to easily select a specific date from a calendar-like interface.

What does datedropper do

Datedropper helps users to quickly and accurately select a date, saving time and reducing errors.

This datepicker allows the user to select the desired date by clicking on it. The selected date will then be displayed in the input field and can be used for any relevant purpose, such as booking a flight or making a reservation.

datedropper Javascript

What features does datedropper include

Besides being highly customizable, datedropper also includes a bunch of interesting features.

  • Calendar view - datedropper date picker displays a calendar-like view, allowing users to easily browse through different months and years to select the desired date.
  • Date range selection - datedropper date picker allows users to select a range of dates, such as a start and end date for a trip or event.
  • Custom date formats - datedropper date picker offers customizable date formats, allowing users to choose the format that best suits their needs.
  • Inline and pop-up options - datedropper datepicker can be displayed inline or as a pop-up dialog when a user clicks on a designated input field.
datedropper Javascript

How does datedropper work

Here some examples of how datedropper works

Learn more about how to use all the options and features of datedropper Javascript.

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  • Default setup

    new dateDropper({
    selector: 'input'
  • Date range setup

    new dateDropper({
    selector: 'input',
    range: true,
    doubleView: true
  • Custom setup

    <!-- HTML-->
    <input data-dd-opt-format="mm" data-dd-opt-preset="onlyMonth">
    <input data-dd-opt-format="Y" data-dd-opt-preset="onlyYear">

    new dateDropper({
      selector: 'input'
datedropper Javascript

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