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datedropper Javascript

datedropper JS is a Pure Javascript Date Picker library. A Modern and Easy To Use HTML5 Datepicker, designed to fit into any layout.

datedropper Javascript

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How to use datedropper

Convert any Input or Element into a HTML5 datepicker UI component.

Easily convert your boostrap 5 datepicker, swiftui datepicker and antd datepicker into a datedropper component.

  • Simple Date Range Selection

    Perfect for hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation businesses which offer online bookings forms. Datedropper can be used to build an awesome HTML5 date picker with javascript.

  • Datepicker Custom Format

    Add a touch of style on your forms by customizing datepicker options. Make your forms unique by serving custom setup for any need.

  • Custom Datepicker Calendar Style

    Easily customize the style of your Date Picker to suit your needs.

date picker

New Date Picker Options, Methods and Events

Lots of new options and features available only on the pure javascript version.

Customize every aspect of your date picker, from mindate, maxdate, date range and datepicker style to any other features.

Show dynamic label alongside date with datedropper Javascript

A new amazing feature to show different prices or labels for each day

With the "onRender" option you will be able to create a really dynamic calendar by showing custom labels like prices or special events.
Learn more about this feature.

date picker
  • date picker easy to use

    A light-weight date picker plug-in

    All features and CSS style in one single file. The all-in-one solution to guarantee the best network performance.

  • date picker responsive

    Datepicker mobile

    datedropper has been designed to fit on any screen and for any resolution.

  • from-to date picker

    Date range selection

    Much control over date range selection. You can now create specific conditions to limit and change the date range selection based on your needs.

  • Fully customizable date picker

    Date picker double calendar

    Enable the double calendar view to have a wide date range selection. Learn more.

Advanced javascript date picker
options and settings

These options give you a lot of control
over your datepicker

Read the documentation

date picker

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