datedropper is a jQuery UI datepicker plugin built to improve date selection for web applications and mobile apps.

What does datedropper do

datedropper converts your date inputs into an easy-to-use jQuery datepicker calendar

Datedropper allows users to enter a date either through text input, or by choosing a date from the calendar.


What features does datedropper include

datedropper includes many options and features to make date selection extremely easy

Thanks to its many options and features, datedropper allows you to customize every aspect of your date picker such as language, format, date range selection, colors etc...


How does datedropper work

Here some examples of how datedropper works

Learn more about how to use all the options and features of datedropper.

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  • Default setup

  • Date Range selection

    roundtrip: 'myTrip'
  • Custom setup

    format: 'm'
    format: 'y'

How to get datedropper

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