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inLine is a free javascript library built to create a simple text editor for web applications and mobile apps. The smallest WYSIWYG editor designed to fit into any layout.

How to create an inline javascript text editor

Use this plugin to convert any area of your webpages to an inline customizable textarea.

Download and import the javascript library into your project. Then initialize it by just specifying what element you want to convert and that's it!

Test it by just selecting text!

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inline text editor

Cross platform text editor

You can edit text on all modern browsers for desktops, tablets and phones.

Same behavior and produced HTML across platforms.

An inline text editor with many options

A simple all-in-one javascript text editor plugin built for any need.

Thanks to its many options and features, inLine allows you to customize every aspect of your textareas, from font weight, font style and text color to any other text options.

inline text editor
  • inline text editor easy to use

    The lightest text editor ever

    All features and style in one single file. The perfect all-in-one solution to guarantee the best network loading performance.

  • inline text editor responsive

    Text editor for mobile devices

    inLine has been designed to fit on any screen and for any resolution.

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