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timedropper jQuery

timedropper is a jQuery UI timepicker. A jQuery plugin to create a simple, easy-to-use and customizable timepicker for websites and apps forms.

timedropper jQuery

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A simple and easy-to-use timepicker

timedropper converts your time input fields into a simple material UI timepicker

Add timedropper on your websites and apps forms and initialize it on one or more elements. It improves standard time input fields style and helps users to select time like never before.


  • Time input fields

    Perfect for any other timepicker use cases you can imagine, e.g. if you ask your users for their desired delivery time when they bought something from your e-commerce.

  • Online booking forms

    Customize timepicker style for hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation businesses which offer online bookings forms. timedropper can be used to build an awesome "time arrival" input field in HTML.

  • Travel modules UI timepicker

    On any site providing travel information forms, improve design and usability by using timedropper, converting time input fields to an easy-to-use timepicker.


A timepicker with a lot of options and features

Customize your jQuery UI timepicker widget for all your needs

Thanks to its many options and features, timedropper allows you to customize every aspect of your timepicker, from time format and style to any other time features.

  • Easy-to-use timepicker

    Easy-to-use timepicker

    timedropper has been developed down to the very last detail to make it the best jQuery UI timepicker.

  • Timepicker mobile

    Timepicker mobile

    timedropper has been designed to perform great also on mobile enviroments so you can build an easy-to-use timepicker also for your mobile apps.

  • Time format

    Time format

    timedropper can parse the most used time format allowing users to enter time for all their needs.

  • Fully customizable timepicker

    Fully customizable timepicker

    timedropper offers a wide range of style options to customize your timepicker. You will be able to create your very own timepicker style.

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